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What is Wheel Alignment?

When a new or used tyre is fitted to a vehicle, the tyre must make even contact with the surface of the road to ensure even distribution of the load of the vehicle across the surface of the tyre. Wheel Alignment ensures that your tyres are positioned and set to the ideal requirements of your vehicle to allow for even contact with the surface of the road. A series of components on your vehicle’s suspension called Camber, Caster and Toe, are optimised to the specifications of vehicle manufacturers, to complete your wheel alignment.

At Falcon Tyre Centre, our wheel alignment technicians have the benefit of combining their years of experience with he latest in wheel alignment technology. Come through to any of our stores for a free wheel alignment check…

Why is Wheel Alignment Important?

A new tyre is designed to be uniform across the tread, and must be wear in a uniform pattern to maximize the performance and achievable mileage of the tyres.

When should I do Wheel Alignment?

Frequent checks on all aspects of your tyres and wheels should be conducted on a regular basis. Maintenance and tyre inspections at a reputable tyre dealer should be conducted at least once in 6 months or every 8000 km. One should also check their wheel alignment whenever a tyre or rim has been replaced.

However the components which are optimised to complete your wheel alignment can fall out of spec, under exaggerated road conditions, for example during emergency braking, driving through a severe build up of water or under excessive acceleration, etc. Therefore, if it is observed during driving that your vehicle appears to be pulling to one side, or the steering on your vehicle is not straight when you are moving in straight line -  an urgent wheel alignment check should be conducted.

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