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Dunlop SP SPORT 5050

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The multi-grooved 5-rib pattern with unique central ‘V’ grooves provides high levels of safety, comfort, superb handling and water displacement.

Scrambled ‘Chaos Pitch Arrangement’ ensures a quiet, sophisticated ride that combines economy with outstanding performance.

Dunlop SP SPORT 560

This modern tyre with open tread design and split centre rib, provides superior levels of safety, comfort, direct steering response and water displacement

Latest design and development ensures a quiet sophisticated ride that combines economy with outstanding performance.

Dunlop SP SPORT 01

This ultra-high performance tyre offers a tread pattern which is divided into three tread segments - Longitudinal-rail-system, Hydro-paddles and Parallelogram-block-design

The development target of the SP Sport 01 was to create a tyre that incorporates all the attributes of sport, safety and silence.

The asymmetric tread design makes it possible to define three different areas relating to these three main attributes.

Dunlop SP SPORT 7000*

A high-performance steel radial tyre with a computer-designed tread pattern providing a smooth quiet ride with resistance to aquaplaning and skidding.

A tyre that gives the best in safety, handling and braking.

Dunlop SP 6060

An asymmetrical tyre offering exceptional performance.

Increased groove density and distribution provides for very low noise generation and comfort.

Provides sophisticated, discerning drivers with enhanced overall vehicle performance.

Dunlop SP 7000D

A modern directional tyre designed to give ultra-high performance.

The high-tech polymer compound allows the tyre to cope with extreme operating conditions and the modern tread pattern provides superior aquaplaning resistance and outstanding water evacuation.

Superb response and handling at high speeds.

Suitable for high-performance vehicles.

Dunlop SP SPORT 9000

An ultra-high performance tyre with an advanced unidirectional tread pattern that fans outwards and utilises a silica compound for the tread.

This tyre uses innovative construction and a new rubber polymer technology to ensure reduced aquaplaning, better wet and dry handling, improved stability, shorter braking distances and reduced fuel consumption.

Ideal for high-performance cars providing high safety reserves even in unexpected situations.


This is a new-generation directional tyre with exceptional driving capability for high-performance vehicles OE homologated on vehicles such as Alfa Romeo and Audi A4 and BMW amongst others


A new type of four block pattern, providing excellent performance both on and off-road.

It fulfils the requirements of Nissan in terms of ride comfort, load capacity and low noise levels


Developed for outstanding on- and off-road performance, this tyre gives you the best of both worlds.

Enjoy high-speed stability and impressive off-road traction in tough conditions.

The Grandtrek AT 3 features lower noise generation for a quieter, more comfortable ride.


A steel-belt light truck / recreational radial-ply tyre with a multipurpose pattern for on- and off-road use.

The SP Trakgrip offers excellent off-road traction, braking and manoeuvrability in wet or dry conditions.

It has exceptional high-speed steering ability plus high levels of comfort, ride refinement, low noise characteristics and improved straight-line performance in highway applications.


This tyre was designed to deliver excellent traction and performance in off-road conditions.

This wide tread pattern is intended for off-road performance in mud and dirt, on-road, it offers increased wet traction for safety and comfort.

>>>View the full Dunlop Tyre Range

>>>View the full Dunlop Tyre Range

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